This chapter is a continuation of the prophecy of the destruction of
Gog, which is both repeated, and more largely described, \\#Eze 39:1-8\\,
then follows an account of the burning of his weapons of war, which will
last seven years in burning, during which time there will be no need of
the use of wood, \\#Eze 39:9,10\\, and of the burial of him, and many of his
army; the place where, and the time that will be taken up in doing this,
even seven months, are observed, \\#Eze 39:11-16\\, and every feathered
fowl and beast of the field are called upon to feed on the flesh of
those that are left unburied, \\#Eze 39:17-20\\ and by all this the glory of
the Lord will be seen, known, and acknowledged, both by the Heathens,
and by the house of Israel, \\#Eze 39:21,22\\, and the former will also be
informed that the present captivity of the Jews has been for their sins
and transgressions, \\#Eze 39:23,24\\, and the chapter is concluded with a
promise of their return from captivity, when they shall know the Lord,
and their interest in him; who will after this no more hide his face
from them, but pour out his Spirit upon them, under whose influence they
shall ever continue, \\#Eze 39:25-29\\.