Genesis 1:30

Genesis 1:30

And to every beast of the earth
Wild or tame, the cattle on a thousand hills; God took care and provided for these, being all his creatures, and designed to answer some end or other by their creation:

and to every fowl of the air;
that flies in it;

and to every creeping thing upon the earth;
even the meanest and lowest insect:

wherein there is life;
or "a living soul"; that has an animal life, which is to be supported by food:

[I have given] every green herb for meat;
the leaves for some, and seed for others; and here is no mention made of flesh; and perhaps those creatures which are now carnivorous were not so at their first creation:

and it was so;
every creature, both man and beast, had food suitable to their nature and appetite, and a sufficiency of it.

(From ( Romans 5:12 ) , it is certain that up until the fall no animal ate other animals, otherwise there would have been death before Adam's first sin, which is said to be the cause of death. Ed.)