Genesis 13:3

Genesis 13:3

And he went on in his journeys from the south
He took the same tour, went the same road, stopping at the same resting places, as when he went down to Egypt; having learned, as Jarchi observes, the way of the earth, that a man should not change his host. Though some, as Ben Gersom, understand it of his taking his journeys as were suitable for his cattle, as they were able to bear them, and not overdrive them, lest he should kill them, but made short stages, and frequently stopped and rested. And thus he went on through the southern part of the land, until he came

even to Bethel;
as it was afterwards called, though now Luz, ( Genesis 28:19 )

unto the place where his tent had been at the beginning;
when he first came into the land of Canaan, to a mountain

between Bethel and Hai;
afterwards called Mount Ephraim, and was four miles from Jerusalem on the north F20; see ( Genesis 12:8 ) .


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