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Genesis 17:2

Genesis 17:2

And I will make my covenant between me and thee
The covenant of circumcision, so called from the token of it, which God is said to make or give F5, being his own constitution, and depended on his sovereign will and pleasure, see ( Acts 7:8 ) ;

and will multiply thee exceedingly;
as he had before promised at several times, and now renews it, lest be should think that Ishmael was the promised seed; for though Hagar's seed is promised to be multiplied, yet here Abram's seed by Sarai is intended, which should be exceeding exceedingly, or in great abundance multiplied; and especially as this may include both his natural seed by her, and his spiritual seed among all nations, who are of the same faith with him, see ( Genesis 12:2 ) ( 13:16 ) ( 15:5 ) .


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