Genesis 34:12

Genesis 34:12

Ask me never so much dowry and gift
Or "multiply [them] exceedingly" F9, fix them at as high a rate as may be thought fit; the "dowry" was what a man gave to a woman at her marriage; for in those times and countries, instead of a man having a portion with his wife, as with us in our times, he gave one to his wife, or to her parents for her; and especially in after times this was used, and became a law in Israel, in the case of a vitiated virgin, see ( Exodus 22:16 Exodus 22:17 ) ; and "the gift" was either of jewels and clothes to the women, or of such like precious things to her brethren and friends, see ( Genesis 24:53 ) ;

and I will give according as ye shall say unto me;
determine among yourselves whatever shall be the dowry and gift, and it shall be punctually observed:

but give me the damsel to wife;
only agree to that, and I care not what is required of me.


F9 (dam-zbrh) "multiplicate super me admodum", Drusius, Schmidt.