Genesis 34:29

Genesis 34:29

And all their wealth
Or "power" F15 or "strength"; every thing that made them mighty and powerful; their gold and silver, their jewels, and rich furniture of their houses, their arms and weapons of war, their goods and substance, in which they trafficked:

and all their little ones and their wives took they captive:
they spared the women and children, as was usual war, and in the plunder of towns and cities:

and spoiled even all that [was] in the house;
of Shechem or Hamor, or in any of the houses of the inhabitants; they rifled and plundered everyone, and took away whatsoever they found in them; but as Jacob disapproved of this unjust, cruel, bloody, and perfidious action, so no doubt, as he set the captives at liberty, he restored to them their cattle and substance.


F15 (Mlyx) "siquidem" (lyx) "proprie potentia, robur", Drusius; so Ainsworth.