This chapter contains three sermons or prophecies, delivered by the
prophet to the people of the Jews. The design of the first is to
encourage them to go on with the building of the temple, though it
might seem to come greatly short of the former temple, as to its
outward form and splendour. The time of the prophecy, \\#Hag 2:1\\ an
order to deliver it to the governor, high priest, and all the people,
\\#Hag 2:2\\. A question is put concerning the difference between this
temple and the former; between which it is suggested there was no
comparison; which is assented to by silence, \\#Hag 2:3\\ nevertheless,
the prince, priest, and people, are exhorted to go on strenuously in
the work of building; encouraged with a promise of the presence of the
Lord of hosts, and of his Word, in whom he covenanted with them at
their coming out of Egypt, and of the blessed Spirit, and his
continuance with them, \\#Hag 2:4,5\\ and, the more to remove their
fears and faintings, it is declared that in a very short time a most
wonderful thing should be done in the world, which would affect all the
nations of the earth; for that illustrious Person would come, whom all
nations do or should desire; and, not only come into the world, but
into that temple they were building, and give it a greater glory than
the former; yea, a greater glory than if all the gold and silver in the
world were laid out upon it, or brought into it; which being all the
Lord's, could have been easily done by him; but he would give in it
something infinitely greater than that, even the Prince of peace, with
all the blessings of it, \\#Hag 2:6-9\\ then follows the second sermon
or prophecy, the time of which is observed, \\#Hag 2:10\\ and it is
introduced with some questions concerning ceremonial uncleanness, by an
unclean person's touching holy flesh with the skirt of his garment; and
other things, which is confirmed by the answer of the priests,
\\#Hag 2:11-13\\ the application of which is made to the people of the
Jews, who were alike unclean; they, their works, and their sacrifices,
\\#Hag 2:14\\ and these are directed to consider, that, during the time
they had neglected to build the temple, they were attended with
scarcity of provisions; their fields and vineyards being blasted with
mildew or destroyed by hail, and their labours proved unsuccessful,
\\#Hag 2:15-17\\ but now, since they had begun the work of building, it
is promised they should be blessed with everything, though they had
nothing in store, and everything was unpromising to them; which is
designed to encourage them to go on cheerfully in their begun work,
\\#Hag 2:18,19\\ and the chapter is concluded with the last discourse
or prophecy, the date of which is given, \\#Hag 2:20\\ an instruction
to deliver it to Zerubbabel, \\#Hag 2:21\\ foretelling the destruction
of the kingdoms of the heathen; and the setting up of the kingdom of
the Messiah, of whom Zerubbabel was a type, precious and honourable in
the sight of God, \\#Hag 2:22,23\\.

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