This chapter contains a prophecy concerning the destruction of the
temple and city of Jerusalem by the Romans; the character and condition
of the people of the Jews, previous to it; the calling of the Gentiles,
by the preaching of the Gospel; the ruin of antichrist, and the
conversion of the Jews, in the latter day. The siege and destruction of
Jerusalem are described in \\#Isa 29:1-6\\ the disappointment of their
enemies, notwithstanding their taking and destroying it, \\#Isa 29:7,8\\ the
stupidity, judicial blindness, and hardness of the Jews, which brought
on their ruin, are predicted, \\#Isa 29:9,10\\ the ignorance of their
learned, as well as of their unlearned men, with respect to the
Scripture, and the prophecies of it, \\#Isa 29:11,12\\ their hypocrisy and
formality in worship, \\#Isa 29:13\\ a blast upon all their wisdom and
prudence, who thought to be wiser than the Lord, and too many for him,
whose folly and atheism are exposed, \\#Isa 29:14-16\\, and a great change
both in Judea and the Gentile world, by the removal of the Gospel from
the one to the other, \\#Isa 29:17\\ the effects of which are, deaf sinners
hear the word, dark minds are enlightened, and joy increased among the
meek and poor, \\#Isa 29:18,19\\ the fall of the Jews, or else of
antichrist, is foretold, \\#Isa 29:20,21\\ and the chapter is closed with a
promise and prophecy of the conversion of the seed of Abraham and Jacob,
\\#Isa 29:22-24\\.

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