This chapter is a prediction of the glory and flourishing estate of the
Gospel church, and of the blessings received by it from Christ. Its
flourishing state is expressed by the fruitfulness of the desert, being
made like to Lebanon, Carmel, and Sharon; and by the inhabitants of it
seeing the glory and excellency of Christ, \\#Isa 35:1,2\\ the ministers of
the word are directed and exhorted to strengthen the weak, and comfort
the feeble minded, by assuring them of the coming of Christ to save them,
\\#Isa 35:3,4\\ when miracles, both in nature and grace, should be wrought;
and great alterations should be made in the wilderness, by the power of
God, \\#Isa 35:5-7\\ when a way should be cast up, described; and the
persons that should walk in it are pointed at; and the end it should
bring them to, everlasting joy and happiness, \\#Isa 35:8-10\\.