In this chapter the Lord comforts his people with the promise of the
effusion of his Spirit, and the blessings of his grace upon them; the
consequence of which would be fruitfulness in them, and the
conversion of others, who should profess themselves the Lord's
people, \\#Isa 44:1-5\\, he proves his deity in opposition to all
false gods from his eternity, omniscience, and foretelling future
events, \\#Isa 44:6-8\\, exposes the stupidity of idol makers and the
worshippers of them, \\#Isa 44:9-20\\, makes gracious promises of the
remembrance of his people, the remission of their sins, and their
redemption by Christ, \\#Isa 44:21-23\\, of which redemption from
Babylon was a type; and of that assurance is given, from the Lord's
creating all things by his power; from his frustrating and infatuating
diviners and wise men; from his fulfilling his predictions delivered by
his prophets; and from his mentioning by name the instrument of their
redemption, Cyrus, \\#Isa 44:24-28\\, which makes way for a particular
prophecy concerning him in the next chapter.