This chapter is a prophecy of the destruction of Babylon, and of the
Chaldeans, and declares the causes of it. The mean, low, ignominious,
and miserable condition Babylon and the Chaldeans should be brought into
by the Lord, the Redeemer of his people, is described, \\#Isa 47:1-5\\, the
causes of it are their cruelty to the Jews, \\#Isa 47:6\\, their pride,
voluptuousness, and carnal security, \\#Isa 47:7,8\\ their sorceries and
enchantments, and trust in their own wisdom, \\#Isa 47:9,10\\, wherefore
their destruction should come suddenly upon them, and they should not be
able to put it off, \\#Isa 47:11\\, their magic art, and judiciary
astrology, which they boasted of, by them they could neither foresee nor
withstand their ruin, which would be of no avail unto them,
\\#Isa 47:12-14\\, nor their merchants either, \\#Isa 47:15\\.

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