This chapter is a prophecy of the rejection of the Jews, for their
neglect and contempt of the Messiah; and of his discharge of his office
as Mediator, and fitness for it. The rejection of the Jews is signified
by the divorce of a woman from her husband, and by persons selling their
children to their creditors; which is not to be charged upon the Lord,
but was owing to their own iniquities, \\#Isa 50:1\\, particularly their
disregard of the Messiah, and inattention to him, as if he was an
insufficient Saviour; whereas his power to redeem is evident, from his
drying up the sea and rivers below, and clothing the heavens above with
black clouds, and eclipsing the luminaries thereof, \\#Isa 50:2,3\\, his
fitness for his prophetic office is expressed in \\#Isa 50:4\\. His
obedience to his Father, and his patience in sufferings, while
performing his priestly office, \\#Isa 50:5,6\\, and his faith and
confidence in the Lord, as man and Mediator, that he should be helped,
carried through his work, and acquitted; and not be confounded,
overcome, and condemned, \\#Isa 50:7-9\\, and the chapter is closed with an
exhortation to the saints to trust in the Lord in the darkest times; and
a threatening to such who trust in themselves, and in their own doings,
\\#Isa 50:10,11\\.