This chapter treats of the mean appearance of Christ in human nature,
his sufferings in it, and the glory that should follow. It begins with a
complaint of the small number of those that believed the report
concerning him, the power of God not being exerted, \\#Isa 53:1\\, the
reason of this general disbelief was the meanness of his outward
circumstances, and the want of comeliness in him; hence he was treated
with general neglect and contempt, \\#Isa 52:2,3\\ was the more unkind and
ungenerous, since it was the griefs and sorrows of others he bore, and
their sins also, for which he was wounded and bruised, that they might
have healing, \\#Isa 53:4-6\\, yet he took and bore all patiently, like a
lamb at the slaughter, and the sheep under the shearer, \\#Isa 53:7\\, which
was the more extraordinary, since he was used, both in life and at
death, in so rigorous and barbarous a manner, and all for the sins of
others, having been guilty of none himself, \\#Isa 53:8,9\\, and, what is
most amazing, the Lord himself had a hand in grieving and bruising him,
\\#Isa 53:10\\, though for his encouragement, and a reward to him, as man
and Mediator, for all his sufferings, it is intimated that he should
succeed and prosper, have a numerous issue, should justify many, and
have a portion and spoil divided with the great and mighty,
\\#Isa 53:10-12\\.

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