As the former chapter is a prophecy of the humiliation and exaltation
of Christ, of his sufferings and death, and the glory that should
follow; this is a prophecy of that part of his glory which relates to
the flourishing estate of his church, as the fruit of his death, and
explains and enlarges upon the promise of his having a numerous seed.
The prophecy reaches from the death and resurrection of Christ to his
second coming; and describes the state of the church during that
time, which had been like a barren woman, but now fruitful, which was
matter of joy; and would increase, and have yet a more numerous
issue, through the conversion and accession of the Gentiles; and
therefore is bid not to fear, since she should not bear the shame and
reproach of widowhood, \\#Isa 54:1-4\\, the reason confirming which
is, because Christ was her husband, who was her Maker and Redeemer,
the God of Israel, and of the whole earth, \\#Isa 54:5\\, and though
she might for some time be under some dark providences, and seem to be
forsaken of God, and lie under his displeasure; yet she is assured of
the love of God towards her, that it is constant and perpetual; which
is illustrated by the oath and covenant of God with Noah, and by its
being more immovable than mountains and hills, \\#Isa 54:6-10\\, and
though she would sometimes be in a very afflicted and uncomfortable
condition, yet should be raised again to a state of great honour and
splendour, of spiritual knowledge, peace, and safety, \\#Isa 54:11-14\\
and that all her enemies, that gathered together against her, should
perish, and all their attempts be unsuccessful, since the Lord was on
her side, and would defend her cause, and protect her, \\#Isa 54:15-17\\.