This chapter contains a prophecy of the call and conversion of the Jews
in the latter day; which being a matter of moment and importance, and
that it might continue, and be read hereafter, it is ordered to be
written in a book, \\#Jer 30:1,2\\; the thing itself is expressed by a
return from captivity to their own land, \\#Jer 30:3\\; but previous to
this there would be most dreadful times, as never were the like,
\\#Jer 30:4-7\\; yet there would be a deliverance from them, and from the
yoke of the oppressor; when the Jews should serve the Lord God, and the
true Messiah, \\#Jer 30:8,9\\; of which deliverance and salvation they
are assured in the strongest terms, though all other nations should be
made an end of, among whom they were, \\#Jer 30:10,11\\; and though
their ease might seem to be desperate, \\#Jer 30:12-17\\; nevertheless
they should be brought into a very comfortable and happy estate; their
city rebuilt; their offspring increased; and religious worship
established; and, above all, the Messiah should be made known to them
as their King and Priest, and they appear to be the Lord's covenant
people, \\#Jer 30:18-22\\; and the chapter is concluded with threatening
utter destruction to the wicked, \\#Jer 30:23,24\\.