This chapter makes mention of the reign of Zedekiah, and what happened
in it; of his message to Jeremiah, to pray for the kingdom; of the king
of Babylonian's raising the siege of Jerusalem, on hearing the king of
Egypt was coming to its relief; of the assurance the prophet gave that
the Chaldean army would return again, and destroy the city; of the
prophet's attempt to depart the city, his imprisonment, conversation
with Zedekiah, and his clemency to him. A short account is given of
Zedekiah, and of the disobedience of him and his people to the word of
the Lord, \\#Jer 37:1,2\\; of the message sent by him to the prophet to
pray for them, \\#Jer 37:3\\; the time, when Jeremiah was at liberty, and
the siege of Jerusalem was raised, \\#Jer 37:4,5\\; the prophet's answer
to them from the Lord, assuring them the Chaldeans would return and
burn the city, \\#Jer 37:6-10\\; the prophet attempting to go out of the
city is stopped, and charged as a deserter to the Chaldeans; is had
before the princes, and beat and imprisoned, \\#Jer 37:11-15\\; but the
king sending for him out of prison, and having some private discourse
with him, upon the prophet's expostulation and intercession, his
confinement was mitigated, and bread allowed him, \\#Jer 37:16-21\\.