This chapter treats of the release of Jeremiah, and the care taken of
him; of the gathering of the princes and people of the Jews to
Gedaliah, appointed their governor, dispersed about Judea, and other
countries; and of a conspiracy against him, of which information was
given him. The release of Jeremiah, where, and by whom, \\#Jer 40:1-4\\;
the liberty granted him to go to Babylon, or stay in Judea, as he
thought fit; and, if he chose the latter, is advised to go to Gedaliah,
appointed governor, or where he would; and is dismissed with food, and
a reward, \\#Jer 40:4-6\\; upon which he went and dwelt with Gedaliah,
\\#Jer 40:7\\; to whom also the captains of the dispersed forces joined
themselves, to whom he swore, and bid them be of good cheer; and
exhorted them to serve the Chaldeans, which he urged from the profit of
it to them, and by his own example, \\#Jer 40:8-10\\; and to whom also
gathered the Jews in other countries, \\#Jer 40:11,12\\; by the captains
he is informed of a conspiracy against his life, and one of them offers
to destroy the conspirator, which Gedaliah would not agree to,
disbelieving the information, \\#Jer 40:13-16\\.