This chapter contains the answer of the princes and people to the
prophet's message; a relation of their going into Egypt; and a prophecy
of the destruction of that land. The persons that gave the answer are
described, some by name, and all by their character; and the time of
their giving it is mentioned, in which they charge the prophet with a
falsehood; impute the whole to an instigation of Baruch, and an ill
design of his, and so were disobedient to the command of God,
\\#Jer 43:1-4\\; and went into Egypt, and carried all with them, of every
rank, age, and sex, and even Baruch, and the prophet too, and came to
Tahpanhes, the seat of the kings of Egypt, \\#Jer 43:5-7\\; upon this a
prophecy is delivered out, concerning the destruction of that country,
which is signified by a symbol explained; the person, the instrument of
it, is mentioned by name, Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon; the
devastation he should make is expressed by slaying with the sword, and
carrying into captivity; by burning the temples of their gods, and
breaking their images in pieces, \\#Jer 43:8-13\\.