In this chapter the prophet goes on to denounce grievous calamities upon
the people of the Jews; such as would make death more eligible than
life; and that because of their idolatry, \\#Jer 8:1-3\\ and also because of
their heinous backslidings in other respects, and continuance in them,
\\#Jer 8:4,5\\ likewise their impenitence and stupidity, \\#Jer 8:6,7\\
their vain conceit of themselves and their own wisdom; their false
interpretation of Scripture, and their rejection of the word of God,
\\#Jer 8:8,9\\ their covetousness, for which it is said their wives and
fields should be given to others, \\#Jer 8:10\\, their flattery of the
people, and their impudence, on account of which, ruin and consumption,
and a blast on their vines and fig trees, are threatened, \\#Jer 8:11-13\\,
their consternation is described, by their fleeing to their defenced
cities; by their sad disappointment in the expectation of peace and
prosperity; and the near approach of their enemies; devouring their
land, and all in it; who are compared to serpents and cockatrices that
cannot be charmed, \\#Jer 8:14-17\\ and the chapter is closed with the
prophet's expressions of sorrow and concern for his people, because of
their distress their idolatry had brought upon them; and because of
their hopeless, and seemingly irrecoverable, state and condition,
\\#Jer 8:18-22\\.

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