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Job here declares the greatness of his afflictions, which made him
weary of his life, and could not help complaining; entreats the Lord
not to condemn him but show him the reason of his thus dealing with
him, \\#Job 10:1,2\\; and expostulates with him about it, and suggests as
if it was severe, and not easily reconciled to his perfections, when he
knew he was not a wicked man, \\#Job 10:3-7\\; he puts him in mind of his
formation and preservation of him, and after all destroyed him,
\\#Job 10:8-12\\; and represents his case as very distressed; whether
he was wicked or righteous it mattered not, his afflictions were
increasing upon him, \\#Job 10:13-17\\; and all this he observes, in
order to justify his eager desire after death, which he renews,
\\#Job 10:18,19\\; and entreats, since his days he had to live were but
few, that God would give him some respite before he went into another
state, which he describes, \\#Job 10:20-22\\.

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