Job 11:19

Job 11:19

Also thou shall lie down, and none shall make [thee] afraid,
&c.] Either lie down on his bed, as before, or by his flocks, and where they lie down, and none should disturb him or them; not thieves and robbers, such as the Chaldeans and Sabeans had been to him, nor lions, bears, and wolves;

yea, many shall make suit unto thee;
make their supplications, present their requests and petitions for relief under necessitous circumstances, or for protection from the injuries and insults of others; as the poor and needy, the widow and fatherless, had done to him in times past, when in his prosperity, and when he was a friend unto them, and the father of them; see ( Proverbs 19:6 ) ; or, "the great ones


F26 shall make suit to thee"; to have his favour and friendship, his counsel and advice, his company and conversation; he should be applied unto and courted by men of all sorts, which would be no small honour to him; see ( Psalms 45:12 ) .

F26 (Mybr) "magnates", Vatablus, Bolducius.