John 10:13

John 10:13

The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling
And has no propriety in the sheep; had he, he would abide by them, and defend them; but because he has not, he will not expose himself to any danger, but leaves them:

and careth not for the sheep;
what becomes of them, providing only for his own safety. Abarbinel F25 has a note on ( Isaiah 40:11 ) which may serve to illustrate this passage:

``"he shall feed his flock like a shepherd"; not as he that feeds the flock of others, for the hire they give him, but as a shepherd that feeds his own flock; who has compassion more abundantly on it, because it is his own flock; and therefore he saith, "behold his reward is with him", for he does not seek a reward from another; "and his work is before him"; for he feeds what is his own, and therefore his eyes and his heart are there.''

Which is not the case of the hireling; he does not care for them, he has not their good at heart; but the good shepherd has, such an one as Christ is.


F25 Mashmia Jeshua, fol. 20. 4.