Joshua 12:3

Joshua 12:3

And from the plain
Or rather, "and the plain", the plains of Moab, which, before possessed by the Israelites, belonged to the kingdom of Sihon; and the plains of Jordan, which reached

to the sea of Cinneroth on the east;
the same with the lake of Gennesaret, and sea of Tiberias, mentioned in the New Testament, ( Matthew 14:34 ) ( Mark 6:53 ) ( Luke 5:1 ) ( John 6:1 ) ( 21:1 ) :

and unto the sea of the plain;
where stood the cities of the plain, Sodom, Gomorrah

[even] the salt sea on the east;
the same with the dead sea, into which the plain the above cities stood on was converted:

the way to Bethjeshimoth;
which was a place in the plains of Moab, ( Numbers 33:49 ) ;

and from the south under Ashdothpisgah;
or the springs of Pisgah, which flowed from the mount of that name, ( Deuteronomy 3:17 ) ( 4:49 ) .