Joshua 15:48

Joshua 15:48

And in the mountains
The hill country of Judea, as it is called ( Luke 1:39 Luke 1:65 ) , in which were the following cities:

the Alexandrian copy of the Greek version reads Sophir as the name, of the first of these cities; and Jerom says F4 there was a village of this name in the mountainous parts, situated between Eleutheropolis, and Ashkelon in the tribe of Judah; see ( Micah 1:11 ) ;

and Jattir
the same writer calls Jether, in the tribe of Judah; and says F5 there was in his time a very large village called Jethira, twenty miles from Eleutheropolis, the inhabitants of which were then all Christians: it was situated in interior Daroma, near Malatha;

and Socoh
is different from Socoh in ( Joshua 15:35 ) ; that was in the plain, this in the mountain; (See Gill on Joshua 15:35).


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