Joshua 15:6

Joshua 15:6

And the border went up to Bethhoglah
A place in the tribe of Benjamin, mentioned along with Jericho, and probably near it, ( Joshua 18:21 ) ; Jerom F1 speaks of a place called Betagla, in his time, which was three miles from Jericho, and two from Jordan, and perhaps is this same place:

and passed along by the north of Betharabah;
another city belonged to Benjamin, ( Joshua 18:22 ) ; and lay in a as its name shows; or in a plain, as the Targum:

and the border went up to the stone of Bohan the son of Reuben;
by whom, or on whose account, it was placed, either as a sepulchral stone, he being buried there, or in memory of some famous exploit done by him there, he being one of those of the tribe of Reuben, that came with Joshua to assist in the war against the Canaanites; or it was set for a sign of the border, as Kimchi thinks, it being the boundary between Judah and Benjamin, ( Joshua 18:17 ) . Bunting says F2 it is near Bahurim, in the valley just in the king's way, and is of an extraordinary greatness, shining like marble.


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