Joshua 15:62

Joshua 15:62

And Nibshan
Of Nibshan no mention is made elsewhere;

and the city of Salt
some take to be Zoar, so called because near the salt sea, or where Lot's wife was turned into a pillar of salt, ( Genesis 19:22 Genesis 19:26 ) ; but rather this city might be so called, because salt was made here.

and Engedi,
or Engaddi, is a well known place, near the salt sea; (See Gill on Ezekiel 47:10). Jerom says F25, there was a very large village of Jews in his time called Engaddi, near the dead sea, from whence comes the opobalsam; the same place is called Hazazontamar, from the palm trees which grew there, ( 2 Chronicles 20:2 ) . It was famous for vineyards also, ( Song of Solomon 1:14 ) ; it lay, according to Josephus F26, three hundred furlongs or about forty miles from Jerusalem:

six cities with their villages;
the sum total agrees with the particulars.


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