Joshua 18:21

Joshua 18:21

Now the cities of the tribe of the children of Benjamin,
according to their families, were Jericho
Which though destroyed, and not to be rebuilt as a city, was yet a place inhabited, and in future times was rebuilt, and in great splendour, and continued to the time of Christ; of which see ( Joshua 2:1 ) ;

and Bethhoglah,
where or near to which was the threshing floor of Atad, at which lamentation was made for Jacob, (See Gill on Genesis 1:10), and (See Gill on Joshua 15:6);

and the valley of Keziz;
or Emekkeziz; so the Greek version calls it Amecasis: it is highly probable it was in the valley or plain of Jericho, and perhaps might have its name from the incision of the balsam tree there; which, as Pliny F14 says, was cut with glass or a stone, or with knives made of bone; if cut with iron, it kills it.


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