Joshua 19:25

Joshua 19:25

And their border was Helkath
Helkath seems to be the same with Hukok, ( 1 Chronicles 6:75 ) ; and according to Masius it lay ten or twelve miles above Ptolemais;

and Hali,
of which we read nowhere else.

and Beten
is by Jerom F8 called Bathne, and was in his time a village by the name of Bethebem, eight miles from Ptolemais to the east. Reland


F9 seems to think it might be the Ecbatana of Pliny F11, which he speaks of as near Mount Carmel, and not far from Ptolemais;

and Achshaph
was a royal city, whose king was taken by Joshua, (See Gill on Joshua 11:1).

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