Joshua 19:35

Joshua 19:35

And the fenced cities [are] Ziddim
The later name of Ziddim, according to the Talmud F9, was Cepharchitiya, or the village of wheat, perhaps from the large quantity or goodness of wheat there;

is called by Jerom F11 Sor, and interpreted Tyre, the metropolis of Phoenicia, very wrongly, and, in the tribe of Naphtali;

and Hammath
probably was built by the youngest son of Canaan, ( Genesis 10:18 ) ; or had its name in memory of him; it lay to the north of the land of Israel; see ( Numbers 34:8 ) ;

Rakkath, and Chinnereth;
Rakkath according to the Jewish writers F12 is the same with Tiberias, as Chinnereth with Gennesaret, from whence the lake or sea of Tiberias, and the country and lake of Gennesaret, had their names, often mentioned in the New Testament. Gennesaret was a most delicious and fruitful spot, and fulfilled the prophecy of Moses, ( Deuteronomy 33:23 ) ; concerning Naphtali.


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