Joshua 19:38

Joshua 19:38

And Iron
Of Iron no mention is made elsewhere;

and Migdalel,
which Jerom calls Magdiel, he says F13 was shown a small village, five miles from Dara, as you go to Ptolemais;

and Horem
is not mentioned anywhere elsewhere;

and Bethanath;
Jerom also relates F14, that Bathana, in the tribe of Naphtali, was a village that went by the name of Betbanes, fifteen miles from Caesarea;

and Bethshemesh
was another city, in which was a temple dedicated to the sun, when inhabited by the Canaanites; see ( Joshua 19:22 ) ; and so in Bethanath there might be a temple dedicated to some deity, though now uncertain what:

nineteen cities with their villages;
there are more mentioned, but some of them might be only boundaries, and so belonged to another tribe.


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