Joshua 19:44

Joshua 19:44

And Eltekeh
Eltekeh was a city given to the Levites, ( Joshua 21:23 ) ; and supposed by some to be the same with Eltekon in the tribe of Judah given to the Danites, ( Joshua 15:59 ) ;

and Gibbethon
was in the hands of the Philistines in the reign of Asa, ( 1 Kings 15:21 ) ( 16:15 ) ; and in the same place Jerom F20 calls Gabatha a city of the strangers, or Philistines; and which lie places near Bethlehem in the tribe of Judah;

and Baalath
is not the same with Baalah, ( Joshua 15:29 ) ; but the Baalath rebuilt by Solomon, ( 1 Kings 9:18 ) ; called by Josephus F21 Baleth, and spoken of by him as near to Gazara in the land of the Philistines; of these two last cities, the Talmudists F23 say that their houses belonged to Judah, and their fields to Dan.


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