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Joshua 2:19

Joshua 2:19

And it shall be, [that] whosoever shall go out of the door of
thy house into the street
After they have been taken in, and when the Israelites were come into the city:

his blood [shall be] upon his head, and we [will be] guiltless;
if he is killed by any person, his death will be owing to himself, and no blame to be laid on us; nor shall we reckon ourselves guilty of the breach of the oath taken:

and whosoever [shall be] with thee in the house, his blood shall be on
our head, if [any] hand be upon him:
if anyone within doors is killed by an Israelite entering in, the guilt of the blood shall lie upon us, and we will be answerable, according to the tenor of the oath, "our life for yours", ( Joshua 2:14 ) .

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