Judges 1:18

Judges 1:18

Also Judah took Gaza, with the coast thereof
Which by lot fell to that tribe, ( Joshua 15:47 ) ; it was not till now subdued:

and Ashkelon with the coast thereof;
which, according to our countryman Sandys F17, was ten miles from Gaza:

and Ekron with the coast thereof;
this also is the lot that fell to Judah, but was afterwards given to the tribe of Dan, ( Joshua 15:45 ) ( 19:43 ) ; for whom Judah now fought and took it; but in a short time all these places were retaken, and possessed by the Philistines, and were three of their five principalities which they ever after retained, see ( Judges 3:3 ) ( 1 Samuel 6:16 ) .


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