Judges 10:11

Judges 10:11

And the Lord said unto the children of Israel
By a prophet he sent unto them, as Kimchi and Abarbinel, see ( Judges 6:8 ) , whom Ben Gersom takes to be Phinehas, but he could not be living at this time; or by an angel, a created one, sent on this occasion; or the uncreated one, the Son and Word of God, who might appear in an human form, and to whom all that is here said is applicable:

did not I deliver you from the Egyptians;
by bringing them out of subjection and bondage to them, and by delivering them out of their hands at the Red sea:

and from the Amorites;
the kings of Sihon and Og, whose countries were taken from them, and put into their hands, when they attempted to stop them in their march to the land of Canaan:

from the children of Ammon;
when they joined with the Moabites against them, ( Judges 3:13 )

and from the Philistines?
in the times of Shamgar, ( Judges 3:31 ) .