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Judges 11:16

Judges 11:16

But when Israel came up from Egypt
In order to go to the land of Canaan, which was higher than the land of Egypt, which lay low {k}:

and walked through the wilderness unto the Red sea;
which is to be understood not of their walking to it; when they first came out of Egypt, they indeed then came to the edge of the wilderness of Etham, and so to the Red sea, and walked through it as on dry land, and came into the wilderness of Shur, Sin, and Sinai; and after their departure from Mount Sinai they came into the wilderness of Paran, in which they were thirty eight years; and this is the wilderness meant they walked through, and came to Eziongaber, on the shore of the Red sea, ( Numbers 33:35 )

and came to Kadesh;
not Kadeshbarnea, from whence the spies were sent, but Kadesh on the borders of Edom, from whence messengers were sent to the king of it, as follows.


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