Judges 15:13

Judges 15:13

And they spake unto him, saying, no
They declared they would not fall upon him themselves and slay him; nor would the Jews put Christ to death themselves, though they were virtually his betrayers and murderers, ( John 18:31 )

but we will bind thee fast and deliver thee into their hands;
as the Jews did Christ, and not only delivered him bound to the high priest, but also to the Roman governor, ( Matthew 27:2 )

but surely we will not kill thee:
not with their own hands, but then they proposed to deliver him into the hands of the Philistines, from whence nothing but death could be expected; so that had they put him to death, they would have been accessory to it, as the Jews were to the death of Christ by delivering him to the Gentiles, and are charged with it, ( Acts 2:23 Acts 2:36 ) .

and they bound him with two new cords;
not with one only, lest it should not be sufficient to hold him, knowing his strength, but with two, and these not old worn out ones, but new ones just made, and very strong; and, as Joseph Kimchi, noted by Ben Melech, were trebled, or made of three cords or thongs, for greater security; and of flax, as the following verse intimates, and such are most firm and strongest to hold anything; hence nets were made of flax to hold creatures in, fish, fowl, or beasts F9:

and brought him up from the rock;
the place, as Kimchi says, where the men of Judah dwelt, being higher than the rock; though rather the true sense is, they brought him up out of the cave in the rock.


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