This chapter gives an account of a sad affair of a Levite and
his concubine, and of the bad consequence of it, how that she played
the whore, and went away from him to her father's house, whither he
followed her, and where he was kindly entertained by her father several
days, \\#Jud 19:1-9\\ and then set out on his journey to his own
country; and passing by Jebus or Jerusalem, he came to Gibeah, and
could get no lodging, \\#Jud 19:10-15\\, but at length was taken in by
an old man, an Ephraimite, \\#Jud 19:16-21\\ when the house where he
was beset by some wicked men in Gibeah, with the same intent as the
men of Sodom beset the house of Lot, \\#Jud 19:22-24\\ and after some
expostulation of the old man with them, the concubine was brought out to
them and abused by them even unto death, \\#Jud 19:25-28\\ upon which
the Levite her husband cut her into twelve pieces, and sent them into
all the coasts of Israel, which was shocking and surprising,
\\#Jud 19:29,30\\ the consequence of which is related in the next chapter.