This chapter relates how that when the Israelites calmed down, and
seriously to reflect on what had passed, they were sore grieved, and
much lamented the case of Benjamin, and were particularly concerned
what they should do for wives for those few men that remained, that the
tribe might be built up again, \\#Jud 21:1-7\\ and for these they
provided wives, partly out of Jabeshgilead, the inhabitants of which
came not up to the convention at Mizpeh, and therefore they smote them,
men, women, and children, only reserved four hundred virgins, whom they
gave to the men of Benjamin, \\#Jud 21:8-15\\, and partly from among
the daughters of Shiloh, taken at a yearly feast there, the taking of
whom was connived at, the other number not being sufficient,
\\#Jud 21:16-25\\.

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