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Leviticus 10:14

Leviticus 10:14

And the wave breast and heave shoulder shall ye eat in a
clean place
The breast of the peace offerings that was waved, and the shoulder of them that was heaved before the Lord; these were given by him to the priests, towards the maintenance of their families, ( Leviticus 7:34 ) and they might be eaten anywhere, provided the place was clean from all ceremonial pollution, and in which there were no polluted persons, as leprous ones; they were to be eaten within the camp, as Jarchi observes, where lepers came not: for, as he adds, the light holy things, such as these were, might be eaten in every city; and so it it is said in the Misnah F20, and by the commentators on it:

thou and thy sons, and thy daughters with thee;
these were not restrained to him and his sons only, as the meat offerings, and the flesh of the sin offerings were, but were common to the whole family:

for [they be] thy due, and thy sons' due;
for their service of the sanctuary, and by the appointment and direction of the Lord:

[which] are given out of the sacrifices of peace offerings of the
children of Israel:
of which see ( Leviticus 7:1-38 ) these are said to be "given out" of them, for the whole was not given, only the breast and shoulder; and after the fat was burnt, the rest belonged to the owners, with which they kept a feast of joy and thankfulness.


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