This chapter treats of creatures clean and unclean, as fit or not fit
to be eaten; and first of beasts, whose signs are given, \\#Le 11:1-8\\
then of fishes, which are likewise described, \\#Le 11:9-12\\ after
that of fowls, and those that are not to be eaten are particularly
named, \\#Le 11:13-19\\ next of creeping things, which are
distinguished into two sorts, as flying creeping things, of which those
that are unclean, their carcasses are not even to be touched, as
neither the carcasses of unclean beasts, \\#Le 11:20-28\\ and creeping
things on the earth, which defile by touching, as well as eating, and
make everything unclean, upon which, being dead, they fall,
\\#Le 11:29-43\\ and these laws are enforced from the holiness and
goodness of God, \\#Le 11:44,45\\ and the chapter is concluded with a
recapitulation of them, \\#Le 11:46,47\\.