Leviticus 20:12

Leviticus 20:12

If a man lie with his daughter in law
His son's wife, whether in the lifetime of his son, or after his death, or whether she was espoused or married, according to the above tradition F6:

both of them shall surely be put to death;
it being a breach of the law in ( Leviticus 18:15 ) ; and this is the penalty annexed to it, even death:

they have wrought confusion:
have been guilty of a shocking and shameful mixture, as Jarchi and Ben Gersom, as well as confounded the degrees of relation and affinity:

their blood [shall be] upon them;
it being a capital crime, their, blood shall be shed for it; they shall be found guilty of death by stoning, as the Targum of Jonathan.


F6 Misn. ut supra. (Sanhedrin, c. 7. sect. 4.)