Leviticus 5:19

Leviticus 5:19

It [is] a trespass [offering]
An offering for a trespass committed:

he hath certainly trespassed against the Lord;
though committed ignorantly, and therefore an offering must be brought; for no sin of any kind must be overlooked, passed by, or forgiven, without a sacrifice, or without atonement made by sacrifice: or, "he shall offer a trespass offering to the Lord", or before the Lord, as Onkelos; or before the Word of the Lord, as Jonathan; and Maimonides out of Siphri


F7 observes, that whereas it is said, a trespass or trespass offering to the Lord, it was not lawful for the priests to eat of it.

F7 Maimon. in Misn. Temurah, c. 7. sect. 6.