Leviticus 9:4

Leviticus 9:4

Also a bullock and a ram for peace offerings, to sacrifice
before the Lord
An offering being made for the atonement of sin, and the gift of a whole burnt offering accepted by the Lord upon that, peace offerings were to be sacrificed thereupon; one part of which belonged to the Lord, as the fat and the blood; another part to the priest, as the shoulder and the breast; and the rest to the owners to make a feast with, expressive of the peace and joy which arise from the expiation and atonement of sin, by the great sacrifice of Christ, in commemoration of which a feast is kept by the Lord's people:

and a meat offering mingled with oil;
with oil olive; each of these offerings are treated of in the preceding chapters, where an account is given of them, and the mystery of them explained:

for today the Lord will appear unto you;
or "and today", as in ( Leviticus 9:6 ) so Noldius F5; for this is not observed as a reason why the sacrifices were to be offered, but as a promise of the divine appearance, as an encouragement thereunto; and may have special respect to some visible splendour and lustre of the divine glory more than ordinary; and particularly to the fire that should come out from before the Lord, and consume the sacrifice, ( Leviticus 9:24 ) and so Ben Gersom interprets it. And this being on the eighth day of the consecration of the priests, may lead our thoughts to the day when our great High Priest rose from the dead, the day after the seventh, or the Jewish sabbath, even on the eighth day, or first day of the week, on which he made frequent appearances to his disciples; see ( Mark 16:9 Mark 16:12 Mark 16:14 ) ( John 20:19 John 20:26 ) .


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