Aaron and his sons, being consecrated to and invested with the priest's
office, are called upon to the exercise of it, to offer a sin offering
and a burnt offering for themselves, and all sorts of offerings, a sin
offering, a burnt offering, peace offerings, and a meat offering, for
the people; and a promise is made for their encouragement, that the
glory of the Lord would appear to them, \\#Le 9:1-7\\ and which were in
their course accordingly offered; first, Aaron's sin offering for
himself, \\#Le 9:8-11\\ then his burnt offering, \\#Le 9:12-14\\ after
that the several offerings of the people before mentioned,
\\#Le 9:15-21\\ when Aaron and Moses blessed the people, the one as
soon as he had done offering, and both together when they came out of
the tabernacle, \\#Le 9:22,23\\ upon which a fire came forth from the
Lord, and consumed the burnt offering upon the altar, \\#Le 9:24\\.