Luke 7:25

Luke 7:25

But what went you out for to see?
&c.] If not his air and action, what was it? was it his apparel and dress? was it to see

a man clothed in soft raiment?
If this was the case, their labour was in vain, and they had their walk for nothing; for John was clothed with camels' hair, rough and undressed, and was girt with a leathern girdle; there was nothing in his person, mien, and garb, that was attractive:

they which are gorgeously, apparelled;
or richly clothed, as John was not:

and live delicately;
in the most elegant manner, and on the richest dainties, as John did not, his food being locusts and wild honey:

are in kings' courts;
and not in a wilderness, where John; came preaching.