Mark 10:42

Mark 10:42

But Jesus called them to him
Who were at some little distance from him, though so nigh, that he could discern the heat and passion they were in, and knowing that they had the same ambitious views with the two brethren:

and saith unto them,
to check their pride and vanity and reprove them for their ambitious desires of superiority and pre-eminence over, one another; by showing them that this was a part which the Heathens that knew not God acted and therefore was very unbecoming them:

you know that they which are accounted,
or "seem to" or rather "do",

rule over the Gentiles;
or are reckoned worthy of government who are, (Mybwvx) , men of honour, reputation, and esteem; who are either by birth or merit thought to be deserving of high places: these

exercise lordship over them;
rule over them in a lordly tyrannical and arbitrary way:

and their great ones;
their nobles and lords under them

exercise authority over them;
the Gentiles; by a delegated power from those who have the supreme rule; (See Gill on Matthew 20:25).