Mark 12:14

Mark 12:14

And when they were come
Unto Jesus in the temple:

they said unto him, master;
they saluted him in like manner, as they did their doctors and Rabbins, calling him "Rabbi", though they were not his disciples; but one part of them were the disciples of the Pharisees, and the other had Herod for their master;

we know that thou art true;
an honest, sincere, and upright man,

and carest for no man, for thou regardest not the person of men;
no, not Caesar himself;

but teachest the way of God in truth;
instructest men in the word, will, and worship of God, with all integrity and faithfulness; answer therefore this question,

is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar or not?
The Syriac and Persic versions read, "head money"; and so it is read in Beza's most ancient copy; a tax that was levied on the heads of families; or on every particular head in a family; (See Gill on Matthew 22:16), (See Gill on Matthew 22:17).