Matthew 15:36

Matthew 15:36

And he took the seven loaves and the fishes
Into his hands, and lifted them up, that it might be seen, and observed, that there were no other food than these, that so the miracle might appear in its true light:

and gave thanks;
to God for the provision, though it was so small, in the name of the whole company, according to the usage of the Jewish nation; who, if there were ten thousand F18, one for the rest used to say,

``let us bless the Lord our God, the God of Israel, the God of hosts, that sitteth between the cherubim:''

teaching us to do so likewise, and to be thankful for, and content with our portion, be it more or less:

and brake them;
which also was the custom of the master of the family to do:

and gave to his disciples:
as a fresh trial of their faith, to reprove their unbelief, to put them in mind of the former miracle, and that they might be witnesses of this, and, in order to distribute to the people, which they accordingly did:

and the disciples to the multitude;
in doing which they obeyed their master's orders, though before they could not persuade themselves, that such a multitude of people could be filled with so small a quantity.


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