Matthew 27:61

Matthew 27:61

And there was Mary Magdalene and the other Mary
The wife of Cleophas, and the mother of James and of Joses:

sitting over against the sepulchre;
observing where the body of Christ was put, and how it was laid; for they intended to prepare spices and ointments to anoint it with; and were mourning for the death of Christ: for sitting was a mourning posture, which now they were allowed, the body being taken down from the cross, and interred by leave of the governor; for, for one that died as a malefactor, they might not use the outward signs of mourning: the canon is this {w}; for such

``they do not mourn, but they grieve; and there is no grieving but in the heart:''

hence these women before stood, ( John 19:25 ) , but now they sat.


F23 Misn. Sarhedrin, c. 6. sect. 4.
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