Numbers 15:24

Numbers 15:24

Then it shall be, if [ought] be committed by ignorance
Of the law of God, not clearly understanding the meaning of it, or not knowing of the several precepts of it, and the circumstances of each, and the manner of performing obedience thereunto:

without the knowledge of the congregation;
or they being ignorant of the true intent of the law and form of obeying it; for this is to be understood not of the sin of a private person through ignorance, but of the body of the people; or of a congregation of them in some particular place, ignorantly and unawares falling into idolatry, or rather into a breach of any of the laws of God, moral or ceremonial:

that all the congregation shall offer one young bullock for a burnt
offering, for a sweet savour unto the Lord;
as an acceptable sacrifice to him; by which it appears that this law is different from that in ( Leviticus 4:13-21 ) ; since the bullock there was for a sin offering, this for a burnt offering; and besides another creature was to be for a sin offering, as after expressed:

with his meat offering and his drink offering, according to the
a meat offering, consisting of such a quantity of flour and oil, and a drink offering of such a quantity of wine as directed to, ( Numbers 15:9 Numbers 15:10 ) ;

and one kid of the goats for a sin offering;
which though mentioned last was offered first, as an expiatory sacrifice for sin, typical of Christ, who was made an offering for sin, and then the burnt offering by way of thankfulness for the acceptance of the other.

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